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Wet room / walk-in showers
for the disabled / elderly / hospitals /sport changing rooms etc



wet room shower floor



with the drainage all in place its now time to fit the mcalpine drain. The top lip of the mcalpine drain is a couple of mm thick and this needs to be embedded into the 9mm plywood floor there are a couple of ways to achieve this



9mm plywood floor


wet room shower floor

1st is to fit the support for the mcalpine drain with the centre hole already cut out, then moving onto the plywood sheet measure where the drain is going, cut a hole to fit the drain in the router the lip part out. 2nd way would be to fit the mcalpine drain into place, taking careful measurements and then cut out an hole in the plywood floor before laying it, lay the plywood and all going well your drain will be over the hole, put a 4mm plywood ring under the drain and then fix it into place




9mm plywood floor

More to come.......

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