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Wet room / walk-in showers
for the disabled / elderly / hospitals /sport changing rooms etc



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Just as a quick note:- we have retired from fitting wetrooms

This was my own project, after fitting walk-in showers / wet rooms on a weekly basis for the last five years for a living I could take my time with this one and take a few photos. With hindsight I would have taken a few more detailed photo's but at the time of doing this job I no intention of building a wetroom website.

The bathroom was very small, sit on the toilet and knock your arm either on the sink or radiator, the sink was overhanging the small bath so when it was time for renewal I though why not put in a walk in shower, also the property being a bungalow I thought this may be good for when its time to sell.

More to come


Coming soon

Diagram sketch plan of bathroom area with bath and walk-in shower to be drawn

More details to try and explain every aspect of building wet rooms

New design

Got anything you would like to add then please contact us



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